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Job Description / Responsibility

  • An Experienced Local Construction Company- involved in the construction of Building, Dredging, Bridge, Railway, Road/Highway and Powerplant, as the Main Contractor. These projects are mainly financed by the Government, while some include Foreign Donors and Consultants
  • Attend the pre-bid meeting of different department tender
  • Project Drawing Study and understand the items of works of the projects and report to Director
  • Prepare the details estimate on reference of the supplied drawing and report to Director
  • knowledge about the update Rate schedule of different Department like as RHD, PWD, MES etc
  • Collection of the update rate of the materials, equipment, labour etc. and compare to the available departments rate schedule
  • Make proper rate analysis on the reference of the market for the items of work
  • Prepare a complete Bill of Quantity and making a complete budget for the project
  • Prepare rate schedule for the provided tender document of the project and making the final quoted rate of the project
  • Making the material requirement and costing of the project
  • Making the final budget for project implementation team and check regularly
  • Making the project implementation schedule in Microsoft Project along with cost analysis for every month
  • S-Curve preparation for the project and update regularly for project cost assignment

Educational Requirements

  • BSc Civil Engineer from leading engineering university.

Experience Requirements

  • At least 10 year(s)

Additional Job Requirements

  • Minimum 10 years’ experience or Diploma in Civil Engineering with 15 years’ experience
  • Preference will be given to applicants who are currently working in construction company


Anywhere in Bangladesh

Salary Range

An attractive salary package will be given based on the candidate’s experience and knowledge

Job Source

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Applicant must enclose his/her Photograph with CV.

 Dykes play a central role in flood protection. For this reason, their size, type, and construction need to be carefully designed

Construction of building foundations, Road construction, and construction of sewer lines, for cutting and filling of earth work SS Dredgers & engineers co. ltd. has proudly been involved in this sector

Riverbank protection is an inert or living construction providing bank fixation but also an obstacle for the lateral connection of the river. The banks are an essential part of the life of the river. The water erodes the banks as it flows along and can become very unstable unless there is plenty of vegetation to hold them together. However, a way to save the river bank is to build protective work, using CC block, geo-bag, and geo-textile to reduce the bank erosion. SS Dredgers & engineers co. ltd. have been successfully engaged in river bank protective work.

Dredging is the removal of sediments and debris from the bottom of lakes, rivers, harbors, and other water bodies. Rivers, Ports must dredge due to the natural buildup of sand and silt that occurs from rivers, currents, and streams moving around sand and particles. Dredging is a necessary activity that is required to increase the depth of rivers and remove unwanted deposits for the safe passage of boats and ships. SS Dredgers & engineers co. ltd. has been successfully doing dredging jobs in Bangladesh.